Finance Extra November Expenses with Personal Loans

After a September slope in which it may have been necessary to carry out extra expenses headed with the return to school and a month of October with little extra expenses due to the payment of personal loans or credit cards for the September expenses, the month of November begins with a new slope that will end at the end of January due to the increase in expenses at home and the approaching Christmas, time of extra expenses for excellence.

The extra expenses in November are led by the increase in consumption of gas and electricity in the home and the beginning of purchases for next Christmas, which is the time of higher extraordinary expenses. That is why we have to adjust the expenses to our income as much as possible. In this article we will explain where it is possible to cut expenses in the home and if they exceed our income where to apply for loans to finance them.

How and where to cut expenses in the home?

How and where to cut expenses in the home?

With the arrival of the cold, households increase spending significantly and this together with extra expenses make families are in a month more than complicated. But it can also be a great opportunity to cut expenses in the home and thus leave room for extra expenses.

The houses are a source of fixed expenses that must be paid every month and that make our salary deflate to a great extent. It is possible to lower these expenses by putting a little interest following this series of tips:

1. ADSL and fixed telephone expenses:

Most households have contracted ADSL rates that do not adapt to their real needs, having connection speeds much higher than what they really need. Many also have old rates with prices much higher than those that are currently being offered, so the first advice to save at home is to review the contract and the characteristics of the ADSL and the telephone.

2. Mobile phone expenses:

The case of the mobile phone is very similar to the ADSL and telephone, we may have contracted a flat rate that we are not squeezing or our rate is very old, so we are paying more. It is recommended to check the offers offered by the different mobile phone companies and if it is necessary to carry out a portability contracting the service that we are going to use.

3. Gas and electricity:

Gas and electricity are the expenses that will penalize us the most in November, so it is advisable to improve the energy efficiency of homes, checking the places where temperature is lost. It is also possible to obtain better prices by comparing the different offers offered by energy companies.

4. Insurance:

Insurance is a product for which it is possible to save on expenses at this time, as there are increasing offers due to the great competition that exists in the sector. The best way to obtain better prices in insurance is on the Internet, through insurance comparators. It is also possible to review the coverage and hire those that adapt to our real needs, such as in car insurance or home insurance.

5. Financial expenses:

The banking entities are another great source of expenses in the home that are made without our noticing. Our recommendation is to contract current accounts without commissions, such as the payroll account offered by a large number of entities, where besides not having commissions you can benefit from good advantages. In addition, choosing the credit cards that suit our needs without generating extra expenses is the most convenient.

How to obtain financing for extra expenses?

How to obtain financing for extra expenses?

Now, if it is not possible to assume the extra expenses in these months it is possible to obtain financing for it in different ways. The main thing is to choose the way to obtain financing for the extra expenses that best suits our needs and make it possible to return the money on time and without making any additional effort. Among the ways to obtain financing for the extra expenses are the following:

1. Credit cards:

Credit cards are the most used way to obtain financing for extra expenses in purchases, so they are ideal for shopping for Christmas and pay in convenient monthly installments. It is also possible to obtain cash credit from credit cards at ATMs.

2. Fast online credits and microcredits:

Through online microcredits it is possible to get up to € 800 in 10 minutes easily and without leaving home thanks to online platforms that offer quick money. They are used to finance the months that we have extra expenses. It is also possible to request fast loans online, where it is possible to obtain up to € 10,000 in 24 hours without doing any paperwork and returning the loan in comfortable monthly installments. To apply for these financial products you do not have to comply with great requirements.

3. Pre-approved loans:

The pre-granted loans are a very interesting banking product to finance extra expenses in these autumn months, since we can get the amount of money that our bank offers us instantly and only pay interest for the time that we have had in our possession.

4. Personal loans:

Finally, there are personal loans, where it is possible to obtain money in a week through banking entities. The problem with this product today is the lack of credit from these entities that makes the requirements to obtain it greater and in many cases it is necessary to look for other ways to obtain financing.

Termination loan after 10 years sample letter

Model for the repayment of loans with more or less than 10 years fixed interest. Mostly, the desire for a more favorable connection interest rate is in the foreground. We are happy to answer your questions about the special termination right in real estate financing according to §489 BGB. With a notice period of six months you can reschedule your debts at the current interest rate! Termination of the loan after 10 years:

Law firm -Real estate loan

Law firm -Real estate loan

When you think about a real estate loan, you usually think about the annuity loan first. The pension is a constant, regular payment (“credit installment”), which results from interest and repayment. Each installment reduces the remaining debt and thus the interest due in the following month. In the case of annuity loans, the borrowers agree on a contract period (fixed interest rate).

The remaining debt, if it can not be paid, must be reimbursed by a new order. A special repayment option can also be specified in the loan agreement. It grants the borrower the right to make special payments that reduce the remaining debt.

As a rule, credit institutions grant a special repayment right of up to 5% pa in relation to the original loan amount. An annuity loan is the so-called full repayment loan. The repayment amount is calculated in such a way that no remaining liability remains after the end of the term. The benefits of this option are obvious: since there is no residual debt after the fixed interest rate, you will not need follow-up financing with an unknown interest rate later on.

But you have to be able to afford such an alternative. It may be necessary to refinance the remaining debt at the end of the fixed interest period at an interest that is not disclosed today. This means that the borrower has an increased or lower interest rate risk, depending on the chosen maturity range and residual debt. Our partner banks offer annuity loans with fixed interest rates of up to 30 years.

Loans with a contract duration of more than 10 years

Loans with a contract duration of more than 10 years

Loans with a contract duration of more than 10 years can be terminated by the borrower through a legally defined special termination right. 10 years after full payment of the loan with a notice period of 6 months. If the borrower fulfills his contractual obligations, the principal bank has no right to termination within the contractually agreed period. If you sell the property, you may also terminate the loan agreement for a period of less than 10 years.

In this case, however, the financing bank is entitled to compensation for the early termination of the contract by the borrower.

Personal Loans Online: The Ultimate Guide

Personal loans are consumer loans provided for your use at your own discretion. Some common reasons that consumers get these types of loans include paying medical bills, paying for requested vacations, making changes to their house, or even financing a wedding. This method of financing can be guaranteed or unsecured and has a fixed amount of loan and term, which means you get the funds once and make fixed payments at predetermined intervals.

Some personal loans have prepaid charges, while others allow you to make additional payments at no additional charge, so be sure to read the fine print and know all the details about the loan to make sure you understand the terms and conditions.

Where to get a personal loan

Where to get a personal loan

Personal loans can be obtained from banks. In general, consumers start with the bank where they have their payroll and savings accounts, since they have a relationship with that bank and sometimes have a better chance of obtaining more favorable conditions. Some banks offer a discount on the rate if you choose to have your payments automatically withdrawn from the account you have there. If you do not have a bank or want to hire the best rates, you can also get this type of loan online from a variety of lenders. The process is simple and can be done through the Internet and telephone for the most part. Some lenders offer you the money in just 24 hours, but you have to do some research first to make sure the bank is reputable and the terms favorable.

Verification documents to provide

Verification documents to provide

Once you decide on the lender you want to use, you will have to provide the proper documents to verify who you are, your income, proof of where you live and where you work. Each lender differs in the documents they require, but be prepared to show the last payroll you are a salaried employee or 2 years of your tax returns if you are self-employed or work on commission. You will also have to provide information about your company so that the bank can verify the information it provides and any previous address if you changed your home last 2 years.

The definition of a guaranteed loan

The definition of a guaranteed loan

Personal loans can be guaranteed or unsecured. Guaranteed financing occurs when you put collateral in exchange for the loan. The guarantee on this loan might surprise you though – you are not putting the guarantee on the item you buy, such as with a mortgage, when your home serves as security. With personal financing, you have the option of using one of the following elements for the guarantee: savings account, car ownership, or the value of the home. If you apply for the loan with the bank you have your payroll, savings account and have a significant amount in the account, getting qualified for the loan will be quick and easy since they already have the guarantee. If you want to use car equity or your home, the loan amount varies depending on the amount of capital you have.

The definition of an unsecured loan

The definition of an unsecured loan

An unsecured personal loan is the opposite of the safe option. In this scenario, the approval of your loan is based on your solvency. Due to the fact that you do not give the bank any type of “insurance policy” in the form of collateral, you must have high credit and other positive rating factors to obtain this type of loan. Banks look for a record of stable employment (which keeps the same job for at least the past two years with equal or greater income), a low amount of debt compared to your gross monthly income, and a credit history without spots during at least the last two years. Banks require much higher rating factors for this type of loans, since they have nothing to guarantee that they will repay the loan in case of default on your payments.

The interest rates

The interest rates

Interest rates vary widely in personal loans. Banks offer different rates for each category, which means determining whether you will get a guaranteed or unsecured loan will help you determine the range of interest rates you are in. Generally, the rates you pay are higher than any other type of loan because of your level of risk. In the event that you can secure the loan with equity in your home or car, you can lower the rate slightly. Generally, secured loans start around 5 percent, but can reach up to 10 percent and unsecured loans start around 10 percent and go up to 30 percent. The rate that the bank gives you depends on the amount of the loan, the duration of the term, your credit history, income, employment and debt ratio.

Personal loans without requirements

Personal loans without requirements

The good news is that bad credit does not automatically mean you will not get a personal loan. If you are in dire need of funds, there are entities that will provide them. You will have to pay a high price however. Sometimes, if you are starting over and trying to get a new start, however, it may be worth the price you pay. The financial products for people with «bad credit» are fast loans or mini-credits, which offer money in 10 minutes without requirements, being able to get the money without endorsement, without payroll or pension, and even being in lists of defaulters like Financial Credit Institutions .

Breach of your payments

Breach of your payments

If you apply for a personal loan because you are on your knees in debt and then discover that you can not keep up with the payments, you could find yourself in trouble in one of two ways.

If you have a secured loan, the bank will appropriate your collateral. This usually happens after several missed payments and attempts by the bank to get the money. Due to the fact of placing your items for the guarantee, the bank does not have to provide you with a warning, since your items will be recovered. Next, the bank sells these items to help pay off your loan and the fees accrued throughout the process as a lawyer must be involved in the recovery.

If you have an unsecured loan, the bank has nothing to recover. In this case, they should come after you and your money. Normally, the lenders will send your account to your collections department after two missed payments. After a few months of trying to communicate with you via phone and mail, they will take your account to a collection agency. This company will then take over the account, charging extravagant fees to make a profit to take over the loan. Then you are on the hook for more than just the principal and interest if you plan to make good the loan. If the collection agency does not resolve your loan, then they can sue you for the loan amount plus the fees that accrue during the process, which allows you to come after your money and / or any assets you own.

Personal loans can be a great way to get the funds you need, but make sure you get into the process with the right knowledge of what the bank provides. You can expect to pay interest rates much higher than any other type of loan and submit yourself to the scrutiny of your financial situation to make sure you can do well in payments. In the end, this type of financing can help you get out of a financial problem.

How the personal loan works

Use of the personal loan

Use of the personal loan

Unaffected, the personal loan is a consumer credit that can be used for the purchase of goods such as a car, a refrigerator or a guitar, or for a provision of services. The loan applicant is free to use the sum borrowed as he wishes, without constraints indicated on the contract, unlike his cousin, the credit affected.

How the personal loan works: Rate variability

How the personal loan works: Rate variability

The personal loan has variable rates depending on the lending institutions. Indeed, the rate for this type of credit is directly fixed by the bank or credit institution, depending on the current situation and the needs of the institution.

At this rate, can also be added a file fee , also variable depending on the type of lender. It is therefore important to compare the offers on the market in order to obtain the best loan terms.

Duration and amount of personal loan

In the operation of the personal loan, there are very few limits . Indeed, everything is freely fixed, as for the rate, by the lending institutions. Thus, the duration of the loan and the amount of money lent vary from one organization to another. It also depends on the solvency of the applicant and its current repayment capacity and over the medium and long term.

However, the amount borrowed can not exceed 75,000 euros.

Mandatory conditions for opening a personal loan

When opening a personal loan, several conditions must be met. Indeed, the lender must first inform the applicant about the credit settlement , before signing the contract.

The loan offer must indicate several essential information to be valid:

  • The amount of the credit and its conditions,
  • The duration of the credit and the number of refunds,
  • The total amount due to the credit institution taking into account the interest,
  • The amount of the fees,
  • The annual percentage rate of charge,
  • The possible penalties in case of late payment in the deadlines,
  • The duration of the withdrawal period,
  • The name and address of the borrower and lender.

Repayment of the personal loan

personal loan

Once the credit has been accepted and the withdrawal period has passed, the repayment of the personal loan can begin. Indeed, the lender is not entitled to ask for his first monthly payments before the end of this period.
 without penalty.

Unemployed loan without co-applicant

Credit for unemployed people without competitors

Credit for unemployed people without competitors

Direct credit without credit agency for the unemployed: still a competitor, who takes up the credit directly for them. unemployed. To the loan thanks to co-applicants; Neutral request without private credit entry. By no means all banks provide loans for apprentices, especially not without competitors for collateral. An unemployed guarantor or competitor is useless.

Instant loan for unemployed persons without guarantor

Instant loan for unemployed persons without guarantor

Why a loan is responsible for disbursing the loan installments if the borrower fails to meet his payment obligations? In the case of an emergency, a competitor from the host family or a close circle of acquaintances is the best choice, or even better, a special loan for a military. Unemployment loan Additional utilization of subsidies depends on the fact that he can prove his own salary as a security. net free & uncomplicated online Immediate commitment in 2 minutes completion. first in the search for the ideal counterpart.

A competitor should oneAre looking for a quick loan without proof of income in But even who is currently unemployed or for other reasons no income, you are unemployed and need a loan. They are interest-free, without private credit, taking into account the income. It is particularly painful when just the offer of a loan must be examined exactly.

Whether for the collection, the carrying trip or the car purchase, just small amounts of credit you should have thought about the purchase of the health insurance with a longer-term need. If you have a strong credit rating competitor, they can also repair the loan beyond your own budget. It concerns a donation according to the third SGB, with which the borrower is to the repayment.

Budget calculation for loans for unemployed persons without competitors

Budget calculation for loans for unemployed persons without competitors

The loan for the unemployed is hardly granted by credit institutions and financial intermediaries without a competitor because the applicant’s creditworthiness is too low. Exceptions to this are micro-credits that can be repaid during the unemployment benefit period, ie within one year. At the same time, unemployment benefits alone should provide sufficient financial flexibility for the repayment of loans.

To ensure repayment of the loan, a house bank must submit a budget statement to the applicant. This is not necessarily pro-forma, it may be that a bank counselor will find out in a casual meeting to what extent the unemployed person would be able to repay the loan. In any case, buyner endeavors to ascertain the creditworthiness of the applicant.

If this is not possible during the period in which unemployment benefits are paid, there is a risk of default. Of course, the National Bank might suspect that the debtor will soon return to fixed income, but speculation does not really provide a good basis for credit. Income such as parental allowance is not recorded in a household account; they are used to care for the little ones and can not be confiscated.

In fact, in the case of a guarantee, it is no longer a loan for the unemployed without a competitor, although credit institutions differentiate between a guarantee and a joint loan application. If a guarantor is found, he, like the applicant, is checked for his creditworthiness. Safety material could also help to get loans for the unemployed without competitors, but that would have to be very solid.

Urgent loan: fast and uncomplicated credit offer

Specialized in financing for private for many years, Multicrédit offers services focused primarily on simplicity and speed . Looking for an urgent and fast personal credit? We take care of your file!

What are the deadlines for obtaining an offer?

In general, we are able to make a proposal within 2 days of completion of your application. More specifically:

  • Apply for an urgent loan online or by phone and send us the documents needed to analyze the file
  • We analyze your request in a fast, free and confidential way, the process generally taking from 1 to 3 working days
  • In case of acceptance, we send you your contract by post, unless you prefer to pass in our premises for the signature
  • You receive your money within 14 days (legal deadline)

We manage your file to speed up the process


Thanks to a global and individualized support of your file, we guarantee a faster processing of your request. Looking for a quick urgent loan ? Through Multicredit:

  • We take care of the administrative procedures
  • We negotiate your contract with our partners to guarantee a better rate as well as a better chance of acceptance of the file

Request an offer from 3’000.- to 300’000


Realize your projects! Whatever your needs, enjoy a flexible solution with a reimbursement respectful of your budget. Choose freely the amount of the loan and the number of monthly payments (over 12 to 84 months). Need urgent personal credit? Contact us to benefit from an individualized solution!

Special loan: our individual credits

Looking for a personal loan? Benefit from a solution based on your specific needs and borrow freely from 3’000 to 300’000 Chf with an individual credit over 12 to 84 months.

Flexible conditions that adapt to any project


Our success is based on a solid experience of many years in the business that a strategy oriented to the needs of our customers. Thus, we have at heart of propose to each customer a solution of flexible loan and specially adapted to its situation:

  • The amount and flexible duration: define the terms of your individual credit!
  • Free use of the sum obtained: once your money is obtained, you use it freely without justification
  • Follow-up: Would you like to benefit from a rate cut? Extra money? We remain at your disposal!

Need a special urgent loan?


Make your request online in a simple, fast and confidential way to benefit from an offer as soon as possible. We take care of your file to simplify the steps:

  • Apply online in just two minutes
  • The study of your file, fast and free, leads to a proposal for a personal loan that does not commit you to anything

Our specialists are at your disposal

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